Holiday procedure

The 365 People holiday pay year starts on 1st October and runs to the following 30th September.

Important information:

Any holiday dates require at least one weeks’ notice from the first day of holiday being taken. If you are requesting more than one week, then you must give double the amount of notice than the number of days holiday being requested (for example, 2 weeks of holiday requires 4 weeks’ notice).

Holidays cannot be taken when Sick Days and Bank Holidays are not automatically paid. Only your typical working days can be requested as holiday (for example, if you work Monday to Friday you cannot request a Saturday as holiday).

You can request any amount of holiday but you will only be paid what has been accrued in the current holiday pay year. Holiday payments are made one week in arrears after the holiday days have been taken, the following Friday only.

All entitlements to annual leave must be taken during the course of the leave year in which it was accrued. Holiday may not be carried forward into the next year (which starts on 1st October each year). Workers are responsible for ensuring that all annual paid leave is requested and taken within the relevant leave year.

If you have any questions regarding the Holiday Procedure or your personal accrual, please contact your nearest branch or email your enquiry to (we

How to request your holiday:

Holiday requests must be submitted via the online form below.  All requests are subject to end user authorisation. We will aim to respond to your request within 3 working days.